Where are they now? Beth Amato 2017 Winner!

Here is what the 2017 winner, Beth Amato had to say:

“The Isu Elihle Award was certainly the starting point for a career specialising in early childhood development, and notably the effects of violence and early trauma. After winning the Isu Elihle Award I attended Columbia Journalism School’s Early Childhood Development Reporting week, hosted by the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. Subsequently the Dart Center awarded me a fellowship to write about the role of fathers and father figures in the lives of very young children.

I was able to touch on themes of toxic masculinity and gender norms. 

Beth Amato, 2017 Winner!

I have left the journalism world, but work for the Centre of Excellence in Human Development, based at Wits University as the communications manager. The centre focuses on research spanning from early childhood and the biopsychosocial factors influencing health and wellbeing – both personal and societal. 

Since winning the Isu Elihle Award I have become passionate about nurturing children as the key for a better South Africa. As community service, I started a mobile book cart, named Little Frida’s Book Cart, to share beautiful and context-specific stories for all children.”

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