Media professionals are invited to submit ideas for stories on children that they would like to undertake. These ideas will go through a selection process, undertaken by a panel of judges. The panel will be made up of children, international child rights experts, an MMA representative, representatives from partner organisations and a news editor. The criteria have been developed in consultation with children and in line with children’s rights-based approaches. Other relevant experts have been consulted in determining the criteria for the judging process. There will be a presentation of three awards to the journalists with the best story ideas. Emphasis will be placed on the originality and creativity of the story ideas. Concepts that foreground children’s participation in the stories, and those ideas that help challenge common stereotypes about the roles of children in the media and society, will be prioritised. The winning journalists will research and produce their story concepts, which will then be published or broadcast by their media houses. Some funds will be made available to the media house and the journalist to ensure that the winners can publish or produce their proposed story idea.