Mail & Guardian Awarded Cash Prize for Publishing Top Story!

South Africa’s Mail and Guardian (M&G) has received a cash prize of ZAR10 000 for publishing the top story for Media Monitoring Africa (MMA)’s Isu Elihle Awards. 

Director at MMA William Bird and M&G's Editor Khadija Patel.
Director at MMA William Bird and M&G’s Editor Khadija Patel.

On Monday, 29 May, Director at William Bird congratulated the newsroom and encouraged journalists to enter this year’s competition.

The Awards which were launched in November last year in partnership with Save the Children International and Media Network on Child Rights and Development in Zambia seek to encourage fresh reporting, innovative approaches and insightful investigations that give children a voice and elevate the status of the child in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Louise Ferreira, the journalist behind the top story published by  M&G receives a cash prize of ZAR 25 000 for her in-depth journalism which explores the quality of sex education in South African schools. The story which was published in April was ranked first by a panel of judges including child media monitors, representative partners and media practitioners.

Louise Ferreira, Winner of the inaugural Isu Elihle Awards

Tanzania’s Abdallah Bakari-Nassoro, lands the second prize of ZAR 15 000 for his story published by the local Guardian which highlighted child domestic and sex work in the country. MMA awards the final prize of ZAR 10 000 to Judith Atim from Uganda, whose three-part radio series broadcast by Daily Monitor, exposed the abuse of children in the country’s prisons.

Applications have been open for this year’s entries as part of National Child Protection Week.  


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