Criteria for judging entries: Please note that both the story idea and the published story will be judged according to the criteria below.

  • The focus on or extensive voice given to children or an issue that impacts children
  • Consideration for the best interests of children and the ethical manner in which children are treated and given a voice in the story (link to Ethical Guidelines). Journalists must adhere to ethical practices and principles in the planning and execution of the story as MMA and its partners will not tolerate the violation of children’s rights in any shape or form.
  • Fresh, innovative, and different perspective to children’s issue and/or investigative angle undertaken to report on issue.
  • Must be able to complete the story in the period allowed.
  • Clarity of the issue and extent to which story engages and captures audiences’ The story could be about an area that is not commonly given a children’s agle such as the economy or economic impact on children, land issues, investment etc. Existing big news story and giving it a children’s focus
  • Stories need to highlight possible solutions to the problem or issues that children face.
  • Extent to which story challenges common negative stereotypes about the roles of children in society, especially within the gender debate.