2016 Stories Submitted – Adjudication Underway!

The final stories for the 2016 Isu Elihle Awards have finally been submitted. During the month of May, a panel of judges had the difficult job of adjudicating the submitted and published stories. The panel included child media monitors, media practitioners and representatives from Media Monitoring Africa (MMA), Save the Children International, Media Network on Child Rights and Development.

The stories will be judged according to a set criteria which includes: Originality, Inclusion of Children’s Voices, Promotion of Children’s Rights and Quality of Reporting.

In case you need a reminder, these were the 2016 finalists:

  • Judith Atim (Uganda) whose story delved into Ugandan children in conflict with the law and the challenges they face in accessing justice and the conditions of the centres where they are detained.
  • Abdallah Akim Nassoro (Tanzania) who placed the spotlight on child domestic work in Tanzania, its conflict with the law and acceptance socially and culturally and the risks it poses for children in the country.
  • Louise Ferreira (South Africa) who investigated the quality of sex education in South African schools including a focus on bodily autonomy, sexual orientation and consent.

Once the adjudication process is finalised, the winners will be ranked and awarded the following cash prizes: ZAR 25 000 (Overall Winner), ZAR 15 000 (Second place) and ZAR 10 000 (Third place).

The rankings will be announced by MMA at the end of May.

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